Too busy...start batching your work

This week has been one of those weeks, where multiple events conspire to make it FULL ON.

I was starting 2 new course programs, I was finalising a bunch of videos, I was wrangling a teenager meant to be studying for year 11 exams, choosing house items for a reno and finalising some holiday items for an upcoming trip to New Zealand.

Get the picture.

That's right life had the temerity to get in the way of work!

As business owners we all have weeks like that. Maybe we even have them every week!

So what can help to keep the wheels turning on our digital marketing activities.


start batching your work.png

You may have heard of this term before. I am a big believer in this, although the wheels fell off this week well and truly. We all come off the wagon at times. 

So what is batching?

Essentially batching is dedicating a parcel of time to one task only. For example, normally I set aside time every couple of weeks to do the following

  1. Create ALL my social media images for the following 2 weeks inside CANVA

  2. Craft and get ready my next 2 blog posts and email campaigns

  3. Research appropriate content to share across my social channels and schedule this inside Sendible for sending out automatically

  4. Brainstorming blog post topics and adding to my swipe file.

By working in this way we become more efficient with those tasks. Our brain gets in the zone and the process of creating a week's work of social media images for example becomes a breeze. Even the process of searching for appropriate stock photography for me becomes easier as my brain becomes 'zoned in' to the task at hand. I find that I don't sit and struggle with 'inspiration' as I have already planned out what my topics will be well in advance of creating the actual image posts and so I just get to work on finding the images and then creating them inside CANVA.

This is just one example of how I batch my work. In essence it is all about maximising concentration and minimising distractions  - like life.

The biggest complaint I hear from small businesses that I work with in relation to the implementation of their digital strategy, is lack of time.

But so many of the cogs of digital marketing can be batched into chunks and then planned out to work automatically. How many of these items could you be batching right now?

  • Blog posts can be written, uploaded and scheduled for release when due,

  • Email marketing campaigns can be set up to correspond to said blog post and sent out when due,

  • Social media (I know it can seem like a time suck when done daily and on an ad hoc basis) can be created on mass and then scheduled or simply posted when due.

Even a small amount of batching can make a huge difference to your work week and more importantly the achievement of your digital strategy goals. This can happen and the transformation is life changing.

A little while ago I interviewed Jo Bendle, a productivity coach who works with female business owners, essentially helping them get their shit together using the Pomodoro Technique.

You can listen to my podcast with Jo here.

Don't let lack of time be your fall back excuse for not conquering your digital marketing.

I off now, to catch up on my batching and practice what I preach.