Money and Mindfulness

I am a little surprised that the first book I am reviewing for a new part of the blog, Leanne's Book Nook is this one -Money and Mindfulness by Lisa Messenger 


At first glance, this book doesn't look like something I would actually read. A clue is the word abundance - something that is a little too 'instagramy'  'beautiful  peopley' 'perfect worldy' for me. The second is the smattering of styled images throughout the book with inspiring quotes like 'To win without risk is  to triumph without glory'.

So you get the picture

I know, not really me.

However if you look beyond these stylised shots to the text, there is some good stuff within this book, to allow us as women, women entrepreneurs and business people to reflect on our worth - in a monetary sense. 

For those not aware of Lisa Messenger or the Collective Hub, Lisa is a very successful entrepreneur with a global footprint. She is a sort after speaker, her magazine is sold globally and her background is marketing, communications and also publishing.

So she should know how to write a good book.

This is the 3rd book in I think a series - Daring and Disruptive is the first, then there was Life and Love and now Money and Mindfulness. The titles set the scene for the target audience. I would not have actually bought this book, mainly due to the past titles, but I have started to read The Collective Hub magazine and on this months issue, was a snippet from the book.

It was good.

Really good, so good I went online and bought the book immediately.


Well, her content actually resonated with me. I often find as a female, and particularly a female business owner, I undervalue my actual worth. If I had to put a dollar value on my consulting time - well I would struggle with that and undervalue it. Financial stress is also a very hot button issue with me, the overwhelming fear of not providing for others, being responsible for other people's livelihoods as well as my own weighs heavily on me.

Lisa's book tackles that head on.

She doesn't go into too many horror stories, but I could easily understand the seat of your pants moments over the years. All business owners have them. 

What she does articulate very well is to value ourselves and our time. She outlines how as women we shouldn't place lessor value on our drive, ability and future success. She is very encouraging in her manner to grab your opportunities and to  be confident in your ability to deliver.

The book also outlines the importance of not trying to do everything. Everyone has a different skill set. She encourages people to seek out and work with people we trust and to not be afraid to share the bad stuff with them. We need honesty in our lives.

What I especially liked was her focus on taking time out to allow ourselves to refresh, recharge and refocus. Her argument is that without downtime, we can't expect to be creative, to bring our A game and also to cope with the stresses along the way. 

Financially, there is nothing in here that a person with a past business background, training or education in financials wouldn't already know , but she puts a positive spin on the working with  others to achieve real outcomes. 

I think for me - the key takeaway, was not to be afraid of the money. 

It was food for thought , I can't say I am not 'afraid of the money' but I am starting to face what I need to face to get over that.

If you need to face up to the money - then this book could be a good read for you, whatever your stage of business or life.

I managed to get through this in one night when I couldn't sleep, a good indicator of how much I could connect with this book. 

You can buy this at Booktopia or via the Collective Hub 

NB. My reviews are just that my reviews. They are in no way endorsed by the author or bookseller. Just sharing my take on books that are inspiring me to be mentally well.