Practical Perfection

You would never know that I set myself a task to read 26 books this year, from the sorry state of Leanne's Book Nook!

Well the good news is, I have actually read about 10 books ( I know, not terrible amazing!) The bad news is that I have not posted my reviews!

Which is a nice seque way into the book I am reviewing today - Practical Perfection, but the very lovely Kerry Exeter

The tag line of the book is Smart strategies for an excellent life, and it really does deliver in spades those said strategies.

I found myself nodding along in agreement with Kelly in sooo many parts of her book, not only because we have similar backgrounds in the web development space, but also because we had a similar experience of suffering a breakdown as a result of bad habits that had become entrenched in how we ran our lives.

It was really interesting for me to ponder the entire concept of Perfectionism. I never really say myself as a perfectionist or control freak ( I know, I know - people who know me well are kind of saying, oh Leanne!) . I think was mainly because I tended to associate perfectionism with neatness. Of course, I am not particularly neat.

In Kelly's book she breaks down into very manageable chunks the entire concept of perfectionism in all it's form. She discussed burnout, overwhelm, the hamster on a wheel feeling. Is your head nodding yet?

There where 2 things in particular that resonated with me

  • Making room for your passion projects in your life. Whatever that is, we need to schedule time in our life for more of the things that we love. Whatever that is - do more of that. Can't remember what they are? Thing back to when you were a kid, what made you really happy, do more of that! ( I have an old blog post on this, I will dig out and link here soon!)
  • Being clear on YOUR values and making decisions clearly based on those and not so much on what you perceive other people's expectations of you are - see my centre of the universe, ode to Galileo post here.

In keeping with the entire ethos of doing just what needs to be done and nothing more (ie giving ourselves permission that it is enough!), the book is a short read, is very task and outcomes oriented and so comes from a place of truth, that I know, if you have ever suffered from burnout or overwhelm, then this little book will be a great side of your bed companion.

You can purchase Kelly's book here