Need a Feed? Some of us actually do..

I have been following this little non-for-profit for a while now on one of my social media feeds and I was struck tonight as I tucked into a yummy roast lamb dinner, that there are many families in Australia right now, that do not have enough to eat. 

It is sad that in a rich bountiful country like ours, that people do go hungry.

But one determined woman in Wollongong ( my home town - so feeling very proud of this little gem of an organisation) - just thought she would do something and she did.

From one small step, by one individual, something good has grown. 

Your can find out more about them at their website -



Here is just a little background information.

Shaz Harrison-Shaw, the founder of Need a Feed, had a vision to ease the stress many families face and provide food relief to these struggling families.

In February, 2013 she did just that... and more.

With the help of a team of volunteers Shaz provided a food parcel, bakery items, fresh fruit, vegetables and drinks to 100 local families in need.

This organisation is now in 3 states! Amazing effort, they are doing lots of great things locally in Wollongong and this good on the ground effort is now being repeated in QLD and VIC.

If you think this is a great idea, I am sure the team would like to hear from you.

When we all do a little - a lot happens.