CafeSmart 2015

Did you see any yellow signs outside your favourite café today?


If so, then your local barista should be congratulated for participating in a great initiative from the team at StreetSmart to donate $1 from each cup of coffee sold  on Friday 7th August 2015.

Unfortunately this was not the case in my local area, so I just visited the donate part of their website - however, the team from StreetSmart have donated a tidy sum to assist with Emergency Housing in my town of DubVegas.

Homelessness is a terrible indictment on a great country like ours. I know that the last time I was in Sydney, I was quite taken aback by the significant increase in homeless people. I know when my husband and I travelled overseas, it was one of the many things that we prided ourselves about back home, that homelessness was not the huge problem that it was in the UK. 

So if you have not heard of StreetSmart before - then pop over to their website here 

You can find out all about what they do, who they help and more about how you might get involved in CafeSmart 2016 or their other projects.