Run with the Herd - Celebrate Father's Day with the Dubbo Stampede

One of the great things about having a business like the one that Brendon and I have ( - yes shameless plug there!) is that we get to contribute to some terrific local community events.

One of those events is the subject of this weeks Good on the Ground - the Dubbo Stampede.


We have been involved with this running festival since it’s inception and it really ticks so many boxes for so many reasons. It is also a great showcase of how committed people, who believe in something and want to share those benefits around, can achieve something wonderful. 

For those that don't know, the Dubbo Stampede is a running festival for everyone, and it involves 4 events the 5.5km Dingo Dash, the 10km Cheetah Chase, the 21.1KM Zebra Zoom and the big one the 42.2km Rhino Ramble.

All events situated around the iconic Taronga Western Plains Zoo, right here in Dubbo. 

All runners I think know the many benefits of running for fitness as well as mental health. The Stampede committee are very much focussed on a whole range of benefits that you get from moving in general, both physical and mental health benefits as well as the wider building of community social capital that these kinds of events create in our local communities. 

From nothing, they have created a fantastic event that now has the backing of Destination NSW. 

I still remember sitting in one of their very first committee meetings and listening to the committee wondering could they do it and thinking to myself, what a great idea, this idea has legs (and very fast legs depending on where you might sit in the pack!)

So this weekend, I am walking the Dingo Dash with my son (we may do a token jog at the finish line!) and then I have the pleasure of handing out some trophies to the more serious runners being the various placegetters in the Dingo Dash event.

But the stampede is not really about the winners - although thumbs up to them.

The Stampede is all about everyone who participates, the walkers, the stroller pushers, the family and health groups who run /walk together, the people doing their first actual 5k run, the people pushing themselves in the 10k, the hard slog in the half marathon and the amazing marathon runners who push themselves because they know they can. It is also about all the great volunteers in our community who make things like this happen (and I will be one of them on Saturday and my daughter will be one of them on Sunday)

This is what the Dubbo Stampede is really all about - the Good on the Ground that just build social capital, community involvement and really positive health outcomes - mental and physical.

I will see you this Sunday, Father's day!

PS. It's not too late to register for the Dingo Dash either!