Turia Pitt - School of Champions

As you may or may not know - I am a bit of an online and social media junkie!

I know that there can be so much crap in the online space, but there is so much good, if you look for it.

So now my Facebook feed and instagram feed is full of beautiful uplifting things - not in a woo-woo what at all - but in real, concrete, actionable - this is really happening right now kind of way.

Right now I am participating in Turia Pitt - 7 day Champion challenge. It is a precursor to her School of Champions Program


I know you would have heard of Turia Pitt.

What an outstanding young woman. 

If ever there was an example online of real, concrete, happy outcomes, without the woo-woo it would have to be her.

Make sure that you check out her website here.

It may be too late to sign up to the 7 day Champion Challenge - but she is releasing an online program in August, to help people DO ALL THE THINGS - well may not ALL the THINGS, but at least the ONE THING, that you need to do or really want to do.

So if you have been stuck in a mindset rut, what to do stuff and can't move forward, she is someone I recommend you look at. 

If more people could see past where they are right now, look deep into themselves and know that they are good and they can do it, well, you know what that means..

I know this is not normally what I put in here, and Turia does not need any help from me, but if you are one of those negative types who want to break out of a rut, I dare you to not be affected by her attitude of gratitude..