Stop making stupid people famous

I came across that comment in a post I was browsing in one of my social media feeds.

It's good isn't it.

It made me stop in my tracks.

Why was I even reading the post I was a reading.

Confession time, it was about a Kardashian - one of the younger ones, but they aren't really Kardashians are they?

But what I started to think about was social media, it's power for good and it's power to totally mess with your mind.

For those that know me, it is part of our business to "know" social media. All day every day I am emersed in it. 

And if I am really honest, I think that immersion, the fast paced clicking on multiple items, tracking multiple feeds, multiple people, multiple subjects for multiple clients..... I am sure you can get the picture, was actually doing me no good at all. I have blogged about this a little in this post called - My brain has too many tabs open! - you can read it here

But the media cycle, the constant need to feed and share information means that A LOT of information that is shared today is rubbish and it can drown out what is really important.

It is just so easy to be surrounded by a sea of junk information

  • Junk Food
  • Junk News
  • Junk Information

If we are not careful, if we don't take just a little moment to reflect on what we are doing, we become immersed in and surrounded by that junk. 

 Our junk culture is leading to trashing of our environment and has fed into an unrelenting consumer cycle

Our junk culture is leading to trashing of our environment and has fed into an unrelenting consumer cycle

And it does us no good whatsoever.

We can miss what is of true value. 

Last night I watched an episode in the latest series of Grand Designs (speaking of things of value) where Kevin is reviewing unusual homes in all manner of unusual places.

And whilst Grand Design's and Kevin's take on most things is to take your time, to plan and to marvel at beautiful design and finishes (and the beautiful price tag), last night's episode was particularly good. He was in a very basic house in northern Scandinavia and the story focussed on a couple living very simply, but in a harsh and beautiful environment. They had to do just about everything by hand, very very slowly.  

He focussed on the benefit and value you get from doing, from making, from feeling. He mused that when we lose touch with those intrinsic values then we lose something of what makes us human. It was very beautiful.

So whilst I love tech and I am very positive about the immense good that comes from technology and social media more broadly, I very much value and appreciate the doing of things. The appreciation of hand made. The joy that comes from cooking from scratch, from growing real food, from making or mending clothes. 

The soothing motion of using our hands and focussing our attention on one thing only.

 Rediscovering my ability to knit has been great, and eventually this jumper will be finished!

Rediscovering my ability to knit has been great, and eventually this jumper will be finished!

I am not suggesting that we all become AMISH.... Far from it, but we need to really appreciate the value of work created by hands. Mentally this is a really important thing as there is great satisfaction is seeing the results of your labour. Especially in a physical sense.

More broadly, we should appreciate all things of value. Items that take time, that are thought out, enunciated, studied and then executed.

Rather than this cycle of churn and burn. This is how we miss the good stuff in our feeds, our emails, our social channels.

As part of my recovery process, I made a conscious decision to clean up my feeds. What news I read, people I followed, email newsletters I received. I decided to rid myself of all the rubbish and start to fill my feeds and inbox with items of value.

I still probably have more channels, email newsletters and blogs I follow than the average person, but they are far more selective. If I find that if they only make me angry, agitated or busy for no reason, then I get rid of them. 

I went in search of the good.

It has been a Cathartic experience.

I do not miss them.

So Mashable Entertainment - you are gone, one Kardashian story too many.

I would rather fill my feed and my mind with things of value. Because this will make me happy.