New Year, New.. Scratch that - You are good enough right now

I was going to write a blog post that was

 - All about last year

 - All about what I am going to do this year

And then I thought.


What have I learnt this year from delving into mindfulness. I have learnt that there is really only today.

Yes we plan and yes we reflect and I have done both.

But all I can do is strive to be more in today and deal with whatever today brings. 

I am enough right now.


I am learning new things, I am doing new things, I am going new places.

All of these invite happiness into my life - they allow me to be open to happiness. They help create new neural connections in my brain that over time will help to me see the good around me right now, in the small things, in the activities that matter in the day to day.

They are there for you too.

If you look.

And you too are enough.


PS. This year however is all about Books, Travel and new challenges at work and at uni. Enough to keep me out of trouble!