Are you being crushed by your comfort zone?

I don't normally cross pollinate my personal blog and business musings inside LinkedIn, but I have had several items all collide in the last week and if I was more herbal I would say - the universe is telling me something.

But I'm not, so I wont.

It started with an online book club that I have just joined, closely followed by some wise words from a creative regarding time and then finally some staff reviews and mentoring processes that needed to be done.

Coupled with the stress that is involved in the next round of 6 weeks to the summit.

and light bulbs went off.

There have been times in the past in business, as well as in my life when the weight of expectations (mine and others) have weighed heavily on me. A client relationship in trouble, business targets not being met, a new product or service to flesh out. When these challenges have presented themselves, my go to position, that is my comfort zone, is to take it ALL on, to do all the work and to do it furiously. But what is this work I was doing?

Was it the long term strategic work? Was it the "put-out-the-spotfire" work?


It was the "I am a minion, a packhorse and I will carry it all and dive into the doing". I didn't want to lift my head, I wanted to stay immersed in the work. This is where I feel safest, in control, able to achieve. This is what I do, I can only do this right now, I will just stay right here, in my comfort zone, doing what I think I do best.

What I know.

What is safe.

Even though it was the wrong thing to do, I furiously continued to do it.

I was trapped.


What as a business owner has actually occurred?

By only working in my business, I had not lifted my head to see what was ahead of me. I did not give myself time to think differently about the issue at hand, I just dived into what I felt most comfortable with. I was restricting both myself and my business by continuing to do things the same old way.

I did not want to change my mindset because that was different, in new - uncharted waters. For too long I convinced myself that what I was doing was helping my business. It needed me to do that work.

But it wasn't and it didn't. My business needed me to do things differently.

By being trapped in my comfort zone I was limited myself from achieving what I was truly capable of.

Often we do what we have always done because it makes us feel safe and in control. We ignore trends, advice and professional development opportunities by wrapping it up with "I am too busy", "I know what I am doing", "we don't need that" or "that wont work"

Where is that younger you who didn't know everything? Who wanted to learn and try new things so that they could be better? Do things better? Grow something of their own?

Can you find that person, or have they been crushed by their comfort zone.

Take time for you today - step out of your comfort zone like you step outside and breathe it in.

That younger you is still there.