#7 day happiness challenge

Sharing this directly from the #7dayhappinessteam

I am doing the 7 day happiness challenge - join me or celebrate the 3rd annual International Day of Happiness - http://www.dayofhappiness.com.au/

“You don’t need to be a Buddhist monk or a resident of the Himalayan Mountains to meditate! In fact the practice of meditation, mindfulness and applied relaxation strategies has become mainstream. This is, quite simply, because these strategies work and they provide incredible benefits to those willing to make some time each and every day. Those who meditate regularly have been found to be happier and healthier, they tend to think more clearly and hence, make better decisions.

So set aside 5-10 minutes (more if you can) to just sit, and be. Try to avoid any specific expectations and try instead, to observe yourself (your thoughts and feelings, bodily sensations and your perceptions of external events) without judgement. Breathe slowly and just enjoy the quiet time. “

Challenge provided by Dr Timothy Sharp (@drhappy) of The Happiness Institute.