Falling off the wagon


In the last 2 weeks, 3 “wellness” gurus have come a bit undone in the social media world.

One sadly succumbed to the cancer that was diagnosed over 7 years ago. Jess Ainscough - the wellness warrior after a long battle with epithelioid sarcoma.

Then last week - another wellness advocate Belle Gibson from the whole pantry has been exposed as perhaps not being a cancer survivor at all and the entire ethos of her blogging, social media presence and business model brought into question.

Paleo Pete has had to pull his new book on Paleo for babies - because it was advocating no to formula if you can’t breastfeed and apparently recommending bone broth instead amongst other “interesting” ideas.

What is going on people?

Where is a person who is looking for something to lift themselves up, address areas of their life to go. 

It seems it is so easy to build a large social media following, and advocate a range of magical solutions to the masses to assist them, to fix them, to heal them and to help them.

It kind of makes me question what I am doing here.

Who is this blog for really?

In the end it has to be for me, it has to be about what I am thinking and feeling.

The entire idea of #leannesaysitsallg is to focus on things that are good, to seek them out, to talk about them. But it has been driven so that I canse e and find good things in my life and beyond. 

I have to tell you the change in my Facebook news feed has been amazing. Lots of good news stories from all over the place that interest me. Things that make me think, things that make me smile. Lots of nerdy science discoveries, women in history stories, high achievers giving back to their community as well as new business models that focus on bringing a more mindful and sustainable approach to running a business.

But I have a long way to go.

Today at lunch, a local journo asked our table at a Women in Business function did you have a good news story to share ( that could be reported on in a weekend paper). and as much as I wanted to have one at the ready, I just couldn’t think of one.

My mind couldn't quickly think of one good news story.

and that put me in a funk for the lunch….

I have been pondering it all afternoon…

I have a little challenge for you and me.

List 5 things that are good in your community right now. 

Help me get back on the wagon….