I have thought all week about this post.

Where is the good in this.

There is none.

Discussing this with my parents today, their first comment was - “we will see more of this”

Why does this happen.

Why do angry, unemployed uneducated men do things like this. Why are they suckered in to believing the rants of older bitter men and start down a path of destruction.

Is that really what will happen?

With wall to wall coverage it’s hard not to think it will.

Whilst communities rally and hold vigils, and the media speaks long and loud about freedom of speech and congratulate themselves on their daring and witty cartoons, is this really going to do anything long term, other than make us feel better right now.

Maybe feeling better right now is all we can hope to achieve.

So back to my initial question, how does this happen? What turns a little boy into this hideous kind of man. Where was his mother when he was growing up.

No doubt she was invisible, unable to act beyond the rigid role designated for her place within the traditional structures of her culture and religion.

Patriarchal societies must be called out.

We need strong women to provide balance and clarity to their families.

We need educated women, who value education for all of their children.

and we need men to get it.

As a struggled this week to find any kind of good, that was not just warm feelings from the #jesuischarlie moment,

I took comfort from small kindnesses I found it from a video post, uploaded by my brother in law, a video called Honor Diaries - that focusses on women’s rights for women in the middle east.

Rather than focussing on the barbarous acts of terrorism committed by pychopaths, let’s focus on sharing a message that just might save some women.