My 5 things - Do more of what makes you #happy - PART 2


As this blog is called #Leannesaysitsallg and not Leannesaysitsallc (ie crap)

Here are my 5 things on a Friday

  • A Sunday walk with my husband to the coffee shop. At my darkest, this was a huge huge help. with dog in tow, and sometimes a few children. We live near a great coffee shop and it is a good 1 hour round trip. Love it
  • A quiet drink in the evening sun with friends, or at a lunch on a weekend. I do like a good pinot……
  • Exploring new places - we can’t all go away on holidays all the time, but we have decided that we need to go on regular mini breaks, for between 3 to 4 days. I need it, we need it and our kids quite like it when we leave them to their own devices! ( now that they are old enough!) We have worked too hard for too long and so we have decided that this kind of freedom is something we need to do. Our next trip is a visit to the Hunter Valley with some old friends (not actually old - but we have been friends for a long time!) next weekend. 
  • Bushwalking - yep I know that if you know me I am not the fittest, but I actually love to be in nature and to walk around in the great outdoors. I quite like it when we go to new places to organise a series of short (3 hour max) bushwalks. That is our kind of pace and scene.
  • Sitting on a beach - my all time favourite, especially when I do this at my spiritual home - the gong. It combines so many things that lift me up - and combines all 5 senses. What is not to love….I find shear joy in sitting on sand - feet in water - face upwards to the sun, eyes closed. Children laughing around me, waves crashing, sea salt on your lips…

What are your 5 things?

I would love to know!


Me - doing what I love most after Brendon and the kids…

PS. A 6th thing is this - I am loving writing this blog - thank you so much for so much positive feedback..