Take a deep breath - tell someone

So - I have a blog post coming on this topic

I had no idea you were so unhappy.

Which is in part mainly due to the terrific and supportive feedback I have received from many people. I have been astounded at the comments and also puzzled as to why that was. I am not sure I have any answers yet as to why that is, other than it seems a typical comment when things take a turn into the dark. Why did people not know, why could I not talk about it, how do you break the depression ice.

In the interim, I invited all of my FB frends to like my Facey page - #leannesaysitsallg

where I post good news stories, motivational items (but not as you know it) as well as other musings that I find personally uplifting and positive from a variety of areas.

So deep breath - I hope it goes well!