Take it easy

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure and joy to spend the weekend with some of my oldest friends.

For 3 days, we gathered in the Hunter Valley to catchup , to laugh and then to listen to some great music together at the Eagles concert. We also got together and drank way too much wine (but that is another story!)


All of us have had tough times as couples and as individuals over the years and we don’t often get together 

- to talk
- to listen and 
- to laugh 

Not nearly as often as the reality of life would allow, so when we do get together (sometimes just the old boys but this time wives where “allowed”.) It is an occasion to just savour the moment. 

There were many of them.

But I kind of have a feeling that we were not alone in taking advantage of an excuse to get together. There were 22000 of us at Hope Winery - and yes it was a crowd of a certain age, but it was a very happy crowd.

I sat back and just soaked up the atmosphere. Watching groups of friends, watching happy couples and pondering how alike people tend to be.  People were relaxed, couples where reminiscing about being younger and laughing at the memory of that. The crowd was talking to each other, mindful of each other, the toilet queues were polite, the lines moved swiftly, people didn’t mind waiting, didn’t mind sharing and spoke to those around them.

You could see the happy vibe everywhere. and you could feel it.

So why can’t we take more time out of our schedules to enjoy what is actually important. Why can’t we just go to a million happy concerts like last weekend was for me?

Because life gets in the way.. Because money doesn’t grow on trees. Because reality sets in….Because Gold tickets don’t come cheap!!!

But what we can take into the everyday is that feeling we get from just enjoying the company of others. By taking some time each day to just sit back and enjoy our surroundings whatever they are. To just watch people and understand how alike we all really are.

As the eagles say - we just need to Take it Easy…


This post is dedicated to 4 great old blokes ( well maybe not that old!) - friends from school who made excellent choices in women!

Here’s to you Paul and Mel, Dave and Ali, Geoff and Theresa and of course Brendon who introduced me to all of them.