It's time for you to up-skill your digital marketing. From Facebook advertising, to growing your account to Instagram - to developing and implementing the right kind of digital strategy. The Summit School with Leanne O specialises in working with small business owners, marketers & entrepreneurs to grow their business by learning and implementing the right digital marketing tools & tactics. 

By working with me you will be able to understand why developing a cohesive digital marketing strategy is so critical to your business success.

You will understand why you need to look beyond your website and Facebook page.  My signature program the Digital Ascent is designed to take you from Basecamp to the Summit by conquering your digital marketing.  You will learn via my 10 week program how to create a digital strategy plan that is unique to you and your business. Plus, you will understand how to implement it via the training I provide in digital marketing tools and tactics along the way.

  • Learn how much more there is to web than just your website and why foundation elements are a must have for any small business.
  • Get to the heart of engaging with your customers inside the right Social Media platforms. ( With additional online training for Facebook Advertising and Instagram marketing for small business owners like you!)
  • Create a content marketing strategy that suits your business goals and is 100% focussed on generating leads for your business every single day.  Learn how to never be stuck for something to say, share and to bring leads into your sales funnel.
  • More than Google Adwords & Analytics, understand the 2-way nature of search and learn how to actively target and retarget your ideal clients via search marketing. ( with support for getting to the heart of what Google Analytics is actually telling you and how to use Google Search Console for your benefit )

Ready to elevate your Education?

After 17 years in the digital economy, creating, teaching and mentoring other small business owners just like you, I know what I am talking about. With plenty of failures, experiments and more importantly successes behind not just me, but hundreds of clients across Australia, I am confident that I can help YOU take your business wherever you want it to go.

Why don't you visit the Summit School now and find out more about my programs. I would love to help you

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