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Demystifying Digital Marketing: Understand the 4 elements your business needs

Discover what BIG BUSINESS does well in the digital marketing space that your small business can actually do, today.


What online activities that you wish your small business could do? Do you know where to start and what you need to focus on?

  • These are not things that just big business does.
  • These are not things that only young. hip digital natives seem to just 'do'.

These are proven digital marketing tools & tactics that all small business owners need to know, understand and use in their business right now. 

and the best news is - you actually can do them when you know what are the essential items and how they slot together. 

Join me in this free webinar where I take you on a journey of Digital Discovery. 

1. Gain insight into what you need to know before you set off  - there are 4 parts of any digital strategy - WEB, SOCIAL, CONTENT & SEARCH - do you have a stake in each?

2. What web elements are critical foundation elements for any small business and what is the ONE element that you cannot ignore.

3. What social channels do I actually need and how do I connect to 'my people'  - Plus how you can create social content quickly to boost productivity and increase opportunity for engagement.

4. What is content marketing and how do I use it to get people to go from 'I like you' to 'I'm going to buy from you'.  Plus how big business recycles their content so that people are constantly reminded of their expertise without creating new stuff over and over.

5. Search techniques - How do you get people to find your business and when and how do you go searching for them. (Learn the ninja tip that puts your business top of mind with your target customer all the time)

This is a cut-down version of my paid in-person digital discovery workshop so I am getting straight to the heart of what you need in each area.

No fluff, perfect for busy small business people needing to get the nuggets of what your online business actually needs to have. 

Web, Social, Content & Search. 
Walk away with one actionable step for each area in 1 hour. 

What have you got to lose, sign up now (yes there is a replay!) or join me live in the evening)