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think BIGGER


speak BOLDER


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With over 17 years experience in the Digital Marketing and Web Development space with Big Blue Digital, Summit School with Leanne O is a dedicated digital marketing education business with a complete focus on helping small business owners grow their business online. 

  • If you are wondering why you can't seem to generate any leads from your website.
  • If you can't quite seem to get people to buy from you even though they seem to like you on social media.
  • If you know you should be sending out emails and blogging, but you have nothing to say.
  • If you are unsure how to get more people visiting your website or even what they might search on

There is so much more to digital marketing and being a success online than just having a Website and a Facebook page.

We can't just rely on these 2 online tools. If you want to know

  • How to think strategically about it all, 
  • How to create a digital marketing plan and 
  • How to implement the plan and measure its success

You need to talk to me. 

You need to complete one of my online training programs - which have been designed to suit small business owners, just like you. 

You need to take the next step to secure the future of your business and together we can grow your business online.

Take that step.
Stop circling around at the bottom of the mountain.

Grab your compass and join me as we move your business from basecamp to the summit.