The greatest pleasure I get is hearing from people who have made a change in their business for the better

Leanne is an absolute pleasure to work with - professional, creative and practical, with a total focus on getting the job done on time, and budget. I would highly recommend her (and her team) to anyone considering improving their online presence that wants real results, fast.
— Nicki Hauser - Director and Co-Founder FineHaus
Participating in Leanne’s Digital Discovery Workshop provided me with clarity on who my customer was and how I should go about finding them.

My mind was opened to channels I was not yet using and types of content I was not yet producing.

The most valuable realization I made was my target market prefers to watch and listen rather than read.

At the time I was spending so much time writing so the result from this workshop has been a lot of time gained to spend more time on finding my target market.

Thanks Leanne
— Peter Brown - Owner/Body Transformation Specialist,
Leanne brings clear and concise communication from within an industry that is highly technical with complex jargon. She has the ability to decipher and present information in such a way that you can leave a session feeling informed, up to date and not confused. The material in the program has been filled with step by step examples that after the education you realise “I can do this”.

If you have avoided embracing technology in your business because of your fear of the unknown, then understanding your digital ecosystem with Big Blue Digital and Summit School with Leanne O’Sullivan is the program for you.
— Alicia Hendy, Director - Hendy HR
For a not-for-profit organisation we are extra careful about how we spend our budget so when I saw Facebook Frontier advertising ecourse I thought it would be a really good way to learn more about Facebook advertising without outlaying thousands of dollars. What I got from the course was so much more than helpful tips.

Leanne started with the fundamentals of marketing, showed us how to build a simple strategy and more importantly, showed us how to understand what ads were working and what didn’t so that you could focus the advert spend in the right place.

I learn’t such a huge amount during those 3 weeks (at my own pace) and realised that the world of FB advertising goes way beyond the ‘boost page’ icon. I cannot begin to say how worthwhile this course was to our organisation.
— Kim Seccombe, DREAM Festival
Loved Leanne’s Instagram Training.
Being a newbie I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Leanne explained how to find my target market on the platform and how to do my hashtag research to get maximum exposure. She also gave me content and branding tips for what was popular on Instagram. Fantastic course loved it.
Plus, it is working!
Thanks Leanne
— Pam Brossman - 12 Times Amazon Best Selling Author
“I wanted to enter the digital world to advertise our small business. I knew it would be beneficial but I didn’t know where to start. I was not confident and I felt that I did not have the relevant knowledge or skills. Leanne’s program helped me get started with Facebook Ads and showed me how to use them effectively to create posts that would target future clients. Within a few weeks we had our first major customer from our Facebook advertising. Leanne is an engaging and encouraging mentor. I now feel far more confident and willing to explore the difference facets of digital marketing to expand our presence both in the online and real world.”
— Bernadette O’Shaughnessy, The Impax Group
Leanne was a dream to work with. As a new business we were desperate to generate leads but had absolutely no idea how to navigate Google & social media in order to do this. We had looked at the option of hiring an Adwords manager & social media specialist to look after it for us, which always comes with a costly price tag which as a new business we just could not afford. Leanne reassured us that we could take control of all of our digital marketing on our own, saving us both time & money.

3 months with Leanne was a game changer for us. She held our hand from start to finish, helping us identify our target market, develop the best digital strategy for our business & how to navigate the overwhelming world of digital marketing. Leanne really simplified Google Adwords & Facebook marketing for us showing us step by step how easy it was for us to control our marketing spend, save time & get the best reach to our target audience for the littlest dollar spent. At the completion of the training Leanne left us feeling empowered & with a strategy that we could use to continue our business growth into the future.

Given we are a new business when we started with Leanne we were quite frantic & very unclear about who our target market was, let alone the digital strategy we were going to use to target our ideal customers. Leanne was patient, understanding and really made something that seemed so overwhelming at first very simple & stress-free. We now have more time to focus on other areas of our business & a clear idea of what actions we need to take in the digital space to generate more leads at the lowest cost. We highly recommend Leanne & her amazing courses to any new or existing businesses wanting to take control of their digital marketing.
— Chris and Emme Reece - Owners Sapphire Trade Services
Leanne offers a fantastic learning and development product for social media, if you have any staff at all working in this space I urge you to drop everything and do one of Leanne’s courses straight away! Being at home with social media usually, I was very curious to see what Leanne’s courses could teach me. Boy, was I wrong, I learned so much along the way all with Leanne’s creative, enthusiastic and smart commentary to keep me across all developments! All the learning is self-paced, and lots of videos and quick summary sheets and toolkits to keep you engaged and on-track. The learning is highly practical, you are able to apply it straight away, and the course is excellent value for money - so much content and learning! This was really the perfect course for a working person - high level, straight to what you need to achieve in the Digital Social media space. I went away at the end of the course really impressed with what Leanne can do, well equipped and more knowledgeable in this space! So very impressed!
— Merryn Spencer - Engagement, Strategy, Policy, Research, Government. City of Parramatta Council
Just a note to any and all who may pass this by - I just cant speak highly enough about Leanne O’Sullivan - if you ever get a chance to work 1:1 - or to take up the offer of her doing your social media work - for me - she is a great match to speaking with me- engaging me - listening to me- HEARING me- and then providing accurate feedback that not only makes sense but is actionable. It has taken so long to find that person- and if it helps for you to just stop and perhaps ‘try’ leanne a moment -i can only say it would be time well spent.! Truly grateful! Cari xxx
— Cari Taylor - Of the Gods
Leanne’s Facebook Frontier Advertising course was a real winner for us in terms of quickly finding our target customer and more importantly driving conversions & sales to our APP. We quickly saw a significant return on investment once we got the fundamentals right. Leanne’s approach is to make sure we get the key steps right first and provides a clear framework to then just do it.
— Jo Otto, Director - Maths Rockx
Leanne your course has made me more accountable , made me put more thought and effort into my # and made me look at Instagram in a more professional way - Thankyou
— Julie MacNally - EWETWO
I thought I was doing a pretty good job of promoting my retail store on social media (despite what my teenage children say) until I undertook Facebook Frontier training with Leanne.
Even though I’ve got the branding sorted, can take a half decent photo and throw in a few words - I really had no idea just how complex the marketing machine behind Facebook advertising is.
Leanne has helped me to understand some of the key methods in drilling down and targeting specific audiences in a way that actually produces a result.
I now have increased confidence in my ability to keep my small business from downing in the vast sea of content we all contend with every day out there - so that I can feel positive about the future of my business and my ability to compete online no matter what pops up next.
— Elizabeth McAllister - Central Stores,
To any potential clients out there I did the Instagram landscape with Leanne nearly a year ago when I was dipping my toe in the water with starting my own styling biz n trying SM. I am so thankful to Leanne. I learnt a lot starting out. Leanne is very approachable n relatable. Lots of clear n simple steps n achievable actions 👍🏻😉
— Michelle Spotswood - Daffodillar