One on One Digital Strategy Consulting packs

Would you like to work with me one-one-one to help grow your business?

Talk to me about a Sherpa Pack today. Over the course of 6 months, I will work intimately with you, getting to know your business, understanding your goals and then put together a digital strategy that fits with that direction. 

My aim is to make myself redundant, so not only will I prepare a digital strategy plan for your business, you and I will implement that plan and then I will show you all my little tricks so that you can continue to run with your plan well into the future without me. 

If you are interested in any of these packages and what they might mean for you, please contact me for a 20 min discovery call.  I know that one size does not fit all and you might want to know how the above can work for you.


Done for you Digital Service Plans

Are you looking for someone who can just take away your digital marketing pain. Do you need a done-for-you service? Want the strategy and mentoring work, plus need a team who can actually deliver results and outcomes in line with your business vision?

I provide 2 levels of marketing implementation packages with my team at BigBlueDigital.

Yes  - a highly experience and capable team who's sole focus is taking your pain away.

Working closely with you, my team and I will not only create & measure your digital marketing plan, but we will do

  • all of the day to day management of that plan,
  • all the content creation,
  • all the email marketing,
  • all the social marketing,
  • all the blogging,
  • all the sales funnel creation,
  • all the landing page work for you.  

That's right we take the stress away and do everything for you. See below - that is what happens.

Sound like you?

If this is what you are looking for and these packages suit your budget, I would love to chat. Contact me to arrange a 20 min discovery call


Not-for-Profit Sector

If you are a not-for-profit or volunteer organisation I would love to hear from you as I am available for pro-bono work. I am particularly interested in these areas, mental health and depression, education both in terms of lifelong learning and all things STEM as well as issues specifically related to lifting up and empowering women. 

Contact me if you are a non-for-profit in my interest areas.



I love to talk. That is a fact.

Over the years I have been pleased and honoured to have been asked to present at many workshops, events and conferences. I speak naturally enough on all things digital marketing with a special focus on being authentic, enthusiastic and practically focussed in my delivery. I also blog and speak on mental health, mindfulness and mindset, business from a female perspective as well as positive psychology and neuroscience ( which I am currently studying at university and absolutely love)

Contact me about speaking at your event



I love to write. Almost as much as I love to speak!

Currently I am a guest blogger for HerBusiness, an online member site for women in business. If you feel that what I write about on this site is a fit for your business, I would love to chat. If you would like to provide content on my site that you believe is a good fit for my readers, then I would love to chat too!

Contact me about guest blogging


Out in the Big Blue Podcast

I am the creator and main interviewer for the Out in the Big Blue podcast, currently Hosted  by my sister business Big  Blue Digital. I regularly interview other business owners just like you, as well as coaches, mentors, creatives and professional experts to provide insight into how they grew their business. You can find us on iTunes, Stitcher or Podbean - just search for "out in the big blue". My listeners are small business owners and entrepreneurs, so if you have a product that suits this space, an idea, a business or a creative pursuit that would appeal to this group of people, I would love to hear from you. I would also love an opportunity to chat to you on any digital marketing topic as well as women in business, mindset and the juggle.

Contact me regarding the Out in the Big Blue podcast