Get started with Facebook advertising

I like it four times
I like it four times

Get started with Facebook advertising


Join me in this 2 hour session and get advertising inside Facebook the right way. 


Book in for this in person 2-hour workshop with me and start understanding the STRATEGY behind Facebook advertising without being overwhelmed with the tech involved. 

At the end of this session you will have

1. Learn the importance of the Facebook pixel and why tracking your website visitors inside Facebook is a game changer for business

2. Understand how you can leverage your existing email marketing list, customer lists and even your linked in contacts inside Facebook

3. Create a custom audience

4. Learn how to set budgets that make sense

5. Learn why you should be advertising inside Facebook every day for as little as a $5.

6. Get hands on help inside this workshop to make all of the above happen. 

7. Get a proven Facebook ad template you can use again and again


When: Wednesday, 11th October, 10.30

Where: Big Blue Digital offices, Blueridge Business Park

What do you need to bring:

  • Laptop or Tablet. Access to your website is preferable to ensure you get your pixel embedded during our session together - but not essential. 
  • An idea for your first ad - yep, we are going to do an ad together in this session. 


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