Do you drive your numbers, or do they drive you?

Do you remember when you were little and you pestered your mum to invite ALL of your class to your 10th birthday?

So when the invitations went out, you eagerly counted the RSVP’s as they came in? I mean making sure you had ENOUGH lolly bags was a big deal!

What about the time that you were organising the head count for your school reunion and you needed to confirm the numbers so that catering could be finalised for drinks/food and seating?

Remember all the text messages, event follow-ups in your Facebook group, emails you may have sent to make sure you got all the responses back and also knew exactly how many people were coming?

I mean, there had to be ENOUGH champagne on arrival to go round right?

What about the time you needed to intimately understand the demographic breakdown of your current Facebook followers so that you could design a short ad campaign that would resonate BEST with your male followers in the 35-44 age group?

Don’t remember that one?

How about that time you needed to review all your site traffic at your website for the last 3 months to compare site visits to your member sign up form specifically to determine the split between mobile and desktop viewers?

Mmmm...maybe not…

Don’t feel bad.

Two years ago, even 18 months ago, I couldn’t have quickly told you these details either. In fact two years ago I would have had to scrounge around to get them to hand. Even digital strategists can get caught out!

What has changed?

A lot.


Not in a scary ‘I hate numbers/tech/Big Brother is watching’ kind of way.

More a ‘I want to really own, understand and be the driver of my business’ kind of way.

I just decided that I wanted to really focus my energy and passion into owning and controlling my business and not letting my business control me.

So rather than being intimidated by Google Analytics or Facebook demographics, I actively sort to learn and understand more about how to drive them and how to make them EASY for me to understand. I have become so excited with this new found knowledge that I have become quite the evangelist in our office regarding getting down and dirty with our data.

The way I manage this is to slot into my week a planned time to review this data.

So each Monday, I spend a good hour just reviewing numbers, all kinds of numbers to keep tabs on what is going on.

I then dive into my numbers again on a Thursday, to see how things are travelling.

I don’t look everyday, I don’t have time, but I have made time in my week to review what is going on so that I can make adjustments to ensure that our traffic numbers/email signups/sales/views/posts/likes etc are where I want them to be.

Whatever metric we set up to track, I am across.

Because I am the driver of my business success and my numbers are the GPS that helps me get there.

If you want to get in the driver’s seat of your numbers, we have a series of tools to help give you that license.

  1. Go here for the Digital Compass for free! This will be an eye opener for you and is designed for business people - not tech people - people like you. I want to help you make sense of your numbers. You will love it!

  2. Go here for my Facebook Frontier Course. Understand the data behind your Facebook activities and learn how you can leverage this fantastic platform for YOUR business benefit.

  3. Go here for our latest freebie - a step by step guide that helps you set up your OWN digital measurements. We focus on what you need to understand so that you can make sense of your numbers.

So take charge now, your numbers are the key to unlocking where you need to go.