Why you need to be advertising on Facebook everyday!

Are you a Facebook advertiser? In Feb 2016 there were over 2 million of us and we are growing. But not all people you chat too are happy with using Facebook advertising. 

Everyone in business seems to know someone that says -

"Don't advertise inside Facebook, it's a waste of money." 


"I spent $200 dollars last week and didn't get a single order"


"I have no idea what I am doing, but know I need to do something!"

Can you see yourself in any of these camps?

Facebook is the biggest and most successful social media platform in the world.

If you want to know where your customers are - they are there. So if you are not advertising inside Facebook - ask yourself why not? If you are and they are not working for you - do you know what you are doing wrong and how to fix it?

Either way, here are 5 reasons why you need to be advertising on Facebook today.

1. Your audience is there.

If you sell anything, to anyone, anywhere, then your audience is on Facebook. I almost could end that point there. I do realise that yes, millennials are also on Snapchat, or What's APP or any number of social media platforms - but most people on social media have a Facebook account that they access. 

Facebook IS the Social Network. So channels will wax and wane, Facebook grows. Consistently. and they are constantly reviewing and monitoring how they continue to do this.

2. It's cheap. 

Whilst perhaps not as cheap as it might have been in the past, it is still the cheapest advertising medium that you will use, when you track it on a cost per 1000 impression basis (CPM). We just have not been conscious of how much we have been spending on CPM basis in the past when using radio, or TV or print. Traditional media outlets know this, and that is what they want to keep to themselves. But you can now control and use this to your advantage inside Facebook.  

So always think about reach when you are weighing up the cost of a Facebook ad vs say a print ad. Think in terms of Cost per Impression when weighing up budgets.

3. You can target the RIGHT people

Facebook demographic information is truly GOLD. No other platform comes close to allowing your to put your ads directly in front of the right kind of people. But you really need to know your target customer, their age, their gender, what they like, who they are interested in and then you can use that to your advantage. Leverage the power of Facebook's exception reach and put your ad ONLY in front of those people most likely to be interested. This is also a great way to find potential customers, to send them to your website, to your lead magnet and to your list. However it is the ability to send cold people to have a look at your website where you will find Facebook coming into it's own.

4. Retarget your ads to your warmest leads.

So if you followed point 3, you would have sent people to your website via a great free giveaway, a discount code, a valuable blog post, a how to guide, anything to get their eyeballs on your website. Once you do that, use the best thing about Facebook ads for my money and retarget your ads just to those people who have you on their radar. So create ads that are served up to just those people that visited your website optin, your freebie, your sales page or have read your blog. 

5. Spread your wings, create Lookalike audiences

When you start to find your feet with your audiences, particularly in the retargeting area, expand this reach by creating lookalike audiences. So find more people who are most likely to be interested in your business, via those people who already are! 

By thinking strategically about who you are going to serve your ads to, you will find that your costs will come down and you start converting more leads at a lower cost.

But think of this as a medium term option - not just a quick short term burst. 

I have another blog post coming on on retargeting inside Facebook and how you create a sales funnel inside Facebook that focusses on bringing cold leads into your part of the world and what you do next to warm them up!

If you want to learn more about Facebook advertising you can read more about my upcoming ecourse here. I believe that every small business owner needs to understand how Facebook advertising works, even if they outsource the implementation.

You control your own destiny and Facebook advertising can fast track getting there!

Facebook advertising beginner? My upcoming free webinar will be perfect to get you headed in the right direction.