Blogs I follow to help me grow my business

As I am still on holidays (woohoo!) I thought I would share with you some of my go to blogs that both help me with my content generation ideas as well as help me grow my business.

As a business owner how much online content are you actually reading to better your approach to business?

One of my favourite people to follow online is Chalene Johnson (Yes I know she looks a little like a cheer leader) dedicates time each day to learn new stuff. It is so important that she blocks time each day to do this.

We can’t expect to be better business people, better online marketers, just better people if we don’t actually continue to learn new things and spend time each day ( no matter how short ) doing just that.

So if you are not already investing in yourself each day in this way - here are a list of some great blogs I follow that you might find a useful jumping off point. They are in no particular order.

Please feel free to add in your own in the comments. Remember lifelong learning  - it helps to keep you young!

I also make no apologies for the list of mainly women below. (In fact I am working on a larger list of just women in the digital space to share, just for some balance out there and it will  be spilt into categories of expertise).  I just find in my space there is too much hustle hustle hustle talk and really only 1 Gary Vaynerchuk and a lot of clones who do not do it well. 

Marie Forleo - subscribe to Marie TV for youtube videos that make a difference

Chalene Johnson - check out her podcast too Build your Tribe

Amy Porterfield - also has a great podcast ( in fact all of her blogs are actually podcasts)

Rebekah Radice - social media, heads up growth at Post Planner

Donna Moritz - Australian based visual content specialist

Bernadette Jiwa - I have bought all of her books and just love the story of telling

Ann Handley - you can write better! Got her book too!

Mark Schaefer - Grow is his newsletter/blog

Social Media Examiner - online social media blog

Sue B Zimmerman - talks sense when it comes to instagram

Smart Insights - UK company with insight into digitalmedia

Smart Company - Aussie based business website

Econsultancy - UK based digital media consultancy firm

Just about anyone on Medium - but in particular Jon Westenberg

Gary Vee - if you haven’t heard of him - where have you been?

Chris Kubby - less in your face than Gary Vee - but a straight shooter on all things digital nonetheless.