Could your social channels do with a checkup?

If you follow me on any of my social channels, last week I released a series of Social Media Health Check guides that focussed on some of the key basics that people and businesses can neglect when they either set up their social media channel, or over time neglect to look after.

I have created 4 guides, for the current big 4 social media channels for business. (Note I said current, as Snapchat is snapping at the heals of them, so watch this space.)

I have created one for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. In addition in this email, I am providing some additional content here in case your missed those posts.


There are 3 key takeaways I want you to focus on when conducting a Facebook health check. 

  • Make sure that you have verified your account. A verified business page will return better organic feed results than a non-verified business page. So make sure you go into your page settings and get this sorted asap. If you haven't set your preferred demographics, this is also an opportunity to do so. If you sell ladies clothes for young women - then maybe your preferred audience should be young women and not everyone!
  • If you are not sure of who your current likers are demographically, then dive into Facebook and check this out. You do this in insights. You really should NOT boost any posts unless you are 100% confident that your current bank of likers are an actual fit with your target audience. Whilst it is nice that all your family and friends like your business page, if they have no intention of buying what it is you sell, then they really are not helping you. Your Facebook page is a business tool and you need to be strategic in how you use it to benefit your business.
  • Start using Facebook Live. That is it - that is the tip. Livestreaming is going to be huge and you need to get comfortable with doing it. Facebook makes this really easy for you and they are encouraging people to get on board with Facebook Live by making sure Facebook live posts are prioritise in your likers feeds. Yes - they will see them, when right now they are most likely NOT seeing your normal posts at all.


  • How long has it been since your looked strategically at your bio? If you can't remember it is time you looked again to make sure it reflects what it is you tweet about. If you tweet for business, then make sure you clearly outline your areas of interest and don't try to be funny or hip here, unless that is what you do and who you are targeting. If you are going to Invite controversy inside Twitter, and you are tweeting as your business, make sure that it is within the context of who you are as a brand.
  • If you regularly share things that are important to your business, take advantage of a pinned tweet and regularly change this up to suit you. Whilst people will only see this in their feed when you tweet it, this is powerful when new people browse your feed to see if they want to connect with you on twitter, a pinned tweet helps to set the scene for what value you provide.
  • Use 1 or 2 hashtags only when you tweet. Do not use more as this is not instagram, so using too many hashtags in your tweets makes it hard for people to focus on what your message is.


  • Make sure you professional biography is complete. Many business owners when they set up their LinkedIn profile, neglect to go back in time and update their past history. Think about ALL of your skills, across ALL past roles to build up a full picture of what you do and have done.
  • Find and join groups. When people want to network with you they are attracted to people who are active inside LinkedIn and are seen to be active within key groups in their niche. Using LinkedIn successfully to network, means more than just requesting to connect to anyone and everyone. People will scan your profile page to see what you share, who you know and where you are active. So don't leave yourself short.
  • Make sure you share relevant content inside your Linkedin profile. Many small business owners forget to share their Facebook business page posts for example. You are your business, so don't be backward in promoting your actual business inside your LinkedIn space. If you think what you are posting inside Facebook is not relevant - then maybe you need to think about what you are posting inside Facebook....


  • Pimp your bio! I see many small business owners neglecting to showcase what they actually do inside the space available in their bio area of Instagram. Use emojis to help create the vibe or feel of your account
  • Don't repeat your username in your heading area. On my account for summit school, my handle is @thesummitschool, my heading is Conquer Digital Marketing. They are different fields and you are wasting valuable searching space by repeating your name here! So make sure you change that out today.
  • Think about the hashtags your use and check on how many other people use them. Hashtags are a great way for people to find you, not just a way to be 'entertaining' in your feed. So if you use a hashtag that has only been used about 100 times, no many people will see it. If you use a hashtag that has been used over a million times - too many people see it, and too quickly. You need to be strategic in how you use hashtags and not just throw up a few words.

So which one of your social media channels is in need of a check up?

If you have any questions about this article, just post in the comments and I will do my best to help!