Instagram for Beginners - 4 tips to focus on first

instagram for beginners.png

Instagram is a fantastic business platform, engaging and fun with great reach, but I often see businesses make some rookie mistakes,

This series of quick videos are designed to help you fix up those rookie mistakes FAST and start you on the path to Instagram success!

The 4 key areas that newbies to Instagram can improve quickly include

1. Profile area

Your name, your username and your bio are incredibly powerful in attracting the right kind of follower. You want people in your target market to follow you, not just anyone. This video outlines what you need to be focussed on.

Did you know that your name and username can b e different inside Instagram? Watch my video to learn why and how to focus on making your bio work to attract your target client.

2. Purpose

What is the purpose of your post? Too often I see new accounts post images that they think are the Instagram rules. You know the images, styled photos of coffee, food, sunsets, yoga, holiday scenes. All of these are great photos - but are they related to your business? In this short video, I outline how to get to the heart of your purpose on Instagram.

Everything you post to Instagram needs to be in alignment to your wider business goals plus it needs to be building connections with your ideal customers. No coffee, No yoga and no beaches unless THAT is what your business is about.

3. Engagement

People bandy the word engagement around alot in the online space. But what does this really mean for your business. How do you engage inside Instagram and who with? Watch my video on Engagement inside Instagram to find out more

Are you regularly liking and commenting on posts in your feed and beyond? Engagement with those people that you are following is critical to the health and growth of your Instagram account. In addition this approach needs to be applied to your wider Instagram community too - ie those people you want to connect with in your geographical area, match your hashtags or influencers in your particular space or niche.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags are the secret sauce of Instagram and there is so much to learn here. But to get started on the right path, I have outlined a few quick tips and some housekeeping rules that will set you up well for the future growth of your account.

Are you committing these rookie mistakes when using Instagram for your business?

Bonus video - getting started with a hashtag strategy.

Hashtags truly are the secret sauce inside Instagram, so have you started to think strategically about your hashtag choice inside Instagram for your business?