Why work with a digital marketer to grow your online business

When you can simply learn everything you need to know on YouTube for Free.


I was conducting a workshop on the weekend (Instagram for Absolute Beginners - look out for my next one) and it was a wonderful experience for me and also for those who were in the workshop with me.

The workshop is one that I have created and presented a few times in the last 6 months, each time reviewing and updating the presentation with new information, or new updates from market trends, client feedback or just a new discovery that I have had.

However, nothing in that workshop is proprietary learning that only I teach or that you can’t actually find online via a few searches inside Google or better yet, YouTube.

Learning Something or Changing Something

The reason that people actually sign up to courses, attend workshops or pay to learn something, is that the ‘learning something’ is only one part of the equation. Putting what you have learnt into practice, getting feedback on what you are doing and gaining encouragement to keep at it are all part of the full learning equation.

Not all of us are driven enough to actually accomplish what we need to accomplish in work or life.

Not all of us are self-motivated enough to complete a course, implement what we know or even undertake the right kind of search to find the information.

I want to share a story with you about my current, year long fitness/healthy lifestyle transformation change that I am completing. This year has been quite different from past years in one key aspect, I didn’t talk about getting fit, I actually started to get fit.

Like many of you, come each New Year I made a silent New Year’s resolution, which always tended to be exactly the same,

To get fit.


I am not even sure what I meant by 'get fit'.

I didn’t really define it, set any goal for myself other than download about a million fitness apps, watched lots of free videos and talked about it a lot for the first 2 months of the year. I even signed up and paid for 2 online programs that I didn’t complete and one I didn’t even start.

I finally came around to the idea that I just could not do this on my own. So this year I made a change. This year I committed to a full fitness transformation program.

It was a significant investment for me as I committed to 3 rolling programs - a resistance program (weights) twice a week, a fat burning program ( twice a week and a real killer!) plus  a completely new approach to food, a new way of thinking about food, and a new way of structuring meals and also food choices. There is also a weekly accountability catch-up.

How to choose different

The difference with this program when all others failed was that I invested time and money in a program that will walk me through the changes I need to make. A program that will teach me what I need to know about fitness and food so that I can continue to maintain all the gains after I have finished, when my program has finished. It is also a program that has structure and an accountability component built into it to support me when I fail, to push me when I need to be pushed and to teach me what I need to do next.

I am almost 6 months in and feeling fantastic. I am feeling so much better than I have felt in years. I can see measurable change. I have goals I am achieving as well as goals that I am working towards and I know none of this would have happened if I hadn’t committed to making a change first.

I know many small business owners and see plenty of others who sign-up to gazillions of free things - free webinars, free email challenges, free downloads, free videos and whilst all of the content is no doubt great - you know what changes?

Absolutely nothing.

Commit to Change

I see people in my own free programs,  watch videos, talk to me, download things and never actually implement anything.

I have even had people sign up to courses and never even start.

I understand how this happens becuase as you can see in my fitness story, that was me. I get it, but I also know that there must come a point when you commit to doing something differently. My trainer Megan calls it a snapping point, and in business we all have them.

I was sick of nothing changing in relation to my health.

Of getting bigger, unhealthier and unhappier, so I made a commitment to work with someone.

I wanted to stop kidding myself about ‘getting fit’ each year and actually put things in place to make it happen.

Isn’t it about time you made that commitment to your business and stop kidding yourself about ‘doing the online thing’, or ‘getting into social media’ or ‘building up my online database’ and seek out someone who can actually help you make it happen.

There are a lot of reasons why we put off making changes that we know need to happen, but the biggest reason is often us - we just get in our own way.

So will you commit to getting out of your own way?

Will you commit to making a change? 

Find out how you can work with me today. I look forward to hearing from you.