5 reasons why your business should be advertising on Facebook

There are loads of reasons why your business should be advertising on Facebook, but I have limited this post to my top 5. 

I am not going to talk about the billion plus people that are on Facebook each and every single day.

Nor am I going to talk about how everyone seems wedded to their phones these days either and hence close to your messages on Facebook and elsewhere. 

Let's look at the strategy, tactics and results that actually matter to business


1. Facebook Advertising is cost effective and generates fast results.

Facebook advertising is incredibly cheap when compared to other forms of advertising.   Yep - a long-term campaign of $1 per day will deliver brand awareness, interest in your product and service and who knows even sales. I have seen it in action.  But you can run a campaign to a new market, with a small budget of around $50 and start to see results from that campaign quickly, think between 24-72 hours. I see this in action every single day with my campaigns and my client's campaigns. 

You don't need to waste money on what is not working plus you know where you can focus more of your budget in the areas that are bringing results.

2. Facebook Advertising is extremely targetted.

Our clicks don't lie. In the same way, that credit card companies have a full understanding of our buying habits, Facebook has a full understanding of our browsing, clicking and in many cases actual buying habits too (if the website has pixel tracking in place). 

Depending on our privacy settings, we share information about our age, gender, location, interests as well as likes and dislikes based on what we like or comment on inside Facebook. 

This kind of market research that Facebook essentially collects on our behalf is a wealth of GOLD for us as business owners, we just need to tap into it. 

And Facebook makes this incredibly easy for us to do. See point 3.

3.Facebook ads make it easy to do market research

Lots of businesses believe that Facebook ads are hard to do. But I don't believe that at all. Businesses can fail at them because that don't understand how they work, but that is not the same as them being hard. We just need to do a little research about how they work, get some training in what to do plus learn about how to check what is working and voila - successful Facebook Ads. 

My online program, the Facebook Frontier does exactly that. You can check it out here.

Shameful plug, I know!

But back to my point. 

Have dived into statistics on economic development for your region? Have you pour over reams and reams of data in spreadsheets, documents or statistics packages? I have. that is hard. Facebook provides all of this data for us already in a format we can actually draw from. 

We just need to learn how to unlock it. 

4. Facebook's organic reach is dead.

I first spoke about this back in 2016. But in February this year, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed what most of us with business pages already believed, that the Facebook algorithm was throttling the reach of business accounts. He has come out and very clearly stated that Facebook will favour content from your friends and family - the things that you really care about. 

So for the many businesses that grew a successful business off the back of Facebook for free about 7 years ago.

Well done!

The rest of us need to do what businesses have always done to reach your ideal customers - Advertise. 

We know to advertise where our people are - and they are on Facebook. Plain and simple.

We just need to learn how to best serve up our ads to them that will resonate with them. This takes some time and some help to get right. ( Did I mention I have an online course on this exact subject? You can read all about my online program the Facebook Frontier - here)

My final tip is this one

5. Facebook Advertising allows you to remarket to your best and most aligned, clients, customers and potentials. 

You know those ads that follow you around online?

That is remarketing.

It is the best method of converting customers bar none. It uses this fantastic feature of Facebook ads call Custom Audiences that lets you target inside Facebook, Instagram and across their partner network

  • Your email list (and people that look and act like them)
  • People that like your Facebook page or Instagram account, (and people that look like them)
  • People that visit your website (and people that look like them.) 

It is so powerful, that I encourage all of my clients to embed their Facebook pixel into their website from day 1, even if they are not advertising inside Facebook as yet, so that they can build up an audience of website visitors inside Facebook that they can reach out to via ads at a later date.

So, where is your business placed, right now?

There has never been a better time or a better method to put your business right in front of the people that most want to see it.