How to set up custom audiences inside Facebook of your WARMEST leads

As a business owner or marketer, I don’t need to tell you that your best leads are those that are warm to HOT!

But how can we get those pesky colder leads to warm up?

How can we use the tools inside Facebook to make that happen.

If you have read any of my past blog posts on retargeting (like here and here) you will know that I am in love with this process.

Facebook makes this even easier for us.

So if you have dropped your Facebook Pixel into your website you will be able to start setting these audiences up very very soon. If you have good traffic to your website, this is all you need to get started. You can now create a CUSTOM audience that is using the details of people who have visited your website or lead page or any online source. So you can group all of those potential leads ( cold leads as well as your warmest ones) and then target ads directly to those people, in particular reach out to those cold leads and potentially warm them up.

Go into your Ads Manager section (or Business Manager) and choose the Audience Tab


Click on Create an Audience and choose CUSTOM audience - a customer audience can be an audience that might match up with your email marketing list, or buyers of your APP OR people who have visited your website or online presence where your PIXEL has been placed.

Click on Website Traffic - in this area we can set up audiences that have either gone to ANY page of our website, or a select few pages of our website OR - any page except a certain page (handy if you want to exclude people who have already bought something OR who have sign up for something)

When you are first starting out, just select anyone who has visited your site. Don’t put any parameters in as yet.

By you can choose a series of options to fine tune the number of people who will fall into what I like to call your retargeting bucket. Facebook lets you select an audience from the last 30 days, 60, 90 up to 180 days.

Make sure you NAME your audience well, as when you start to see the power of this tool in terms of mining your site visitors, you will most likely create more and more specialised audiences ( particularly people that have visited perhaps a special landing page)

Create a Lookalike audience - as soon as you set up this retargeting audience, create a lookalike audience.

This is an audience that Facebook believes is very similar to your site visitors, based on the behaviour of those people inside Facebook. So each time I create a special audience - a retargeting audience, or I upload a list of email contacts, I always create a lookalike audience straightaway.

If you would like more help with setting up audiences like that allow you to better target your ads inside Facebook, pop over to the Facebook Frontier now and find out how I teach people, step by step to maximise these tools for their benefit.

You can do this and really make a difference to your bottom line.